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We Know Money Well

It's our business to know your business.

EB Funds facilitates the access to cash in the consumer marketplace.

Providing ATM services will reduce your credit card fees, enhance customer experience, and create opportunity for you to generate incremental revenue as well as attract new customers.

Customers with cash in hand will more likely spend it at your business.

Great for barbershops, hair salons, nail salons, restaurants, bars, beer distributors, convenience stores, hotels, laundromats, malls, and more.

EB Funds can service from small to large businesses.

Provided Services

The right relationship is everything.

EB Funds provides a full-service, completely hands off, hassle-free ATM program.

We provide the ATM. You choose the location for your ATM. We install it. We supply the money. We monitor the cash level and activity status. We handle any maintenance or repair needs.  
We provide supplies (i.e. receipt paper and signage).​

There is never out of pocket expense to you.

You make money on every transaction.
ATM Cash Replacement
ATM Service and Repairs

Additional ATM Features

All of our ATMs include an additional feature, allowing your customers to purchase Bitcoin through the ATM itself.

You now have the ability to advertise that your business also sells Bitcoin.

This provides even more convenience to the customers of your business, who are also purchasers of Bitcoin and potential new customers who want to purchase Bitcoin.

Whereas other Bitcoin processors take 5 days to transfer the customer's Bitcoin to their digital wallet, our ATMs transfer the Bitcoin instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Be in the Know.

+ Why should I have an ATM at my business?

• The most important reason is that you're going to make a commission from every transaction at the ATM. This is a no-hassle additional revenue source to you and your business.

• ATM machines bring customers to your business so that they may access the ATM.

• ATMs generate new store traffic from walk-by traffic. Customers who know you have an ATM may choose your business over those without one simply to save themselves an additional trip to access cash.​

• Increased sales.  Studies show that ATM users will spend up to 25% of their withdrawal in the same store the ATM is located. Combined with more foot traffic, this could increase your sales a significant amount.

• By having an ATM, you encourage customers to pay in cash, which results in lower credit card processing fees.

• Cash is king, and cutting your total card transactions means you're able to keep more of your overall revenue.​

• ATMs provide ultimate convenience to your customers.  The more services you offer, the happier your customers will be.​

• An ATM can help you reduce credit card chargebacks.  Customers using cash reduces the potential for charge disputes, helping you preserve your profits and avoid chargeback fees.

+ Is there any cost to me?


You will never pay anything for anything.

+ What is the process?

EB Funds will visit your business to determine your desired location for ATM placement.​

We will then select a date for the ATM to be installed.

+ Are there any special requirements for the ATM?


You will need an internet connection and a standard electrical outlet.

+ Is the ATM new?

All of our ATMs are brand-new, equipped with all of today's technology and security features.

+ Will I need to do anything to maintain the ATM?


We handle any and all maintenance and repair needs at no cost to you.​

Technical service is available from 9 am - 9 pm, 7 days a week. All calls received after 9 pm, will be handled the following day.

We also provide all supplies, from receipt paper to signage and window or door decals at no cost to you.